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vegan fiber art

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corrina0703 @ 01:32 pm: hi..I am a new member and glad to be here.I am a NYC area vegan/animal rights activist and a crocheter. I was looking up links for organic cotton yarn and came across this community. I am currently using organic yarn for the first time (I am making a poncho for my sister as a Christmas gift..loving the pattern...if anyone interested, I would be more than glad to share it)I am interested in finding out more information about organic cotton yarns,and cheap places to purchase( I spent almost $80 for 2 projects..I am hoping I got enough for them, because I don't think i can afford anymore skeins.....lol) I just placed a bid on ebay for 2 lbs of yarn...but if i do get it, I would need to dye it. I am so used to the acrylic dyed yarns out there, so this is a wonderful new experience for me. Any information would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!


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Date:November 25th, 2005 08:46 pm (UTC)
elann.com has pakucho for under $3/sk.
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