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vegan fiber art

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moonfroggy @ 05:14 pm: baby booties and hats and things
i'm wanting to start knitting again, and i'm wanting to make things like baby booties and baby hats and baby blankets and maybe some baby clothes (i have babies on the brain we plan to start trying to conceive in early fall late summer) anyhow anyone here make this type of stuff out of cotton or linen or anything? i am thinking because they are not very stretchy and stuff they may not be so good for booties and hats but they should be fine for blankets, if i have to use synthetics for baby clothes does anyone have anything to recommend? i would rather get more expensive really soft nice yarn than cheap crunchy yarn and really i don't like synthetics much, maybe i could make stuff out of the fixation sock yarn? also anyone have any good free patterns or know any good web pages?
i may also end up sewing some stuff cuz that would be nice, i haven't done much sewing but i want to learn and baby things use so much less fabric it seems like a good project to start with, any thoughts on sewing baby clothes and things? a nice knit organic cotton would probably work well, if i get preggers quickly after we start trying to conceive the baby will be born when it is very warm out.

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Date:May 14th, 2006 03:40 am (UTC)
I've been working with a bamboo yarn lately--it feels and knits like silk! Great stuff.

Cotton can be heavy, is the main thing. Because it's not as springy as wool, items made out of it tend to hand differently and feel heavier. That wouldn't be as much of a problem with a baby blanket and booties--actually, it would give the advantage of making those items machine-washable.

Cheapo acrylic sucks, don't even bother. It defeats the point of hand-knitting something.

Do you have a local yarn store? Explain your dilemma to the people working there. If you feel weird talking about veganism, just say that the recipient is really allergic to wool or something.

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Date:May 14th, 2006 03:49 am (UTC)
hmm, been ages since i went to a yarn store but the one i used to go to was very nice and they all knew about veganism and that i was/am and stuff and had no problems with that. it would be really cool to spin my own yarn for the blanket and booties (i used to psin my own yarn most of the time instead of buying it) but i don't want to put all the effort and time into spinning yarn that will very likly get kinda dirty and icky sooo, i'm kinda thinking i should buy yarn, i think i will look into fixation cotton and maybe check out the bamboo stuff that sounds really nice. i think fixations would be nice for booties because it is stretchy (has elastic in it) so would fit over baby feet well
thank you for your advice especialy the tip about bamboo yarn thats something i never tried or had really thought of using
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