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August 18th, 2005

bareftinthesnow @ 08:29 pm: Interesting information on peace silk and other "no-kill" silks.

Please note: I promised oakenking amnesty in exchange for allowing me to link to his helpful and honest post. Please refrain from attacking him or his site - if you have a question, ask nicely.

August 15th, 2005

staceyxtrouble @ 11:53 pm: Hey
Oh wow! I never thought there'd be a community for this sort of thing. Crazy.

I have been vegan for about a month now, vegetarian for about a decade, but I've never really worried about wool before. I have never used silk though. I sew, dye fabrics (batiks[no beeswax], shibori, etc.), knit and a whole lot of other crafty things. I usually only knit in the winter months so the yarn issue hasn't come up yet. I really look forward to everyone's input and advice.

I'm really interested in vegetable dyes if anyone has had good experiences with that.

And again. Wow.

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August 10th, 2005

bareftinthesnow @ 10:47 pm: It's August!
What do you folks suggest knitting my mitts and scarf out of? What would a really NICE vegan set be made of?

I'd like enough stitch definition to show off some cables, but if you're thinking of something fuzzy why not toss it out there.

May 17th, 2005

ilythia @ 02:09 pm: crocheted hyperbolic models

"The crinkled edges of a lettuce leaf curve and expand in a shape that has perplexed mathematicians for centuries. Those curves -- an example of a high-level geometry concept called the hyperbolic plane -- were not even defined by geometry theorists until the 19th century. And in the almost 200 years following, mathematicians struggled to find a way to model the complex shape known as the geometric opposite of the sphere. Then mathematician Daina Taimina picked up her crochet needles and some synthetic yarn, and the problem was solved. In 1997, Taimina, of Cornell University, found a way to crochet her way into 'hyperbolic space.' Her woolen creations, which resemble crenulated flowers and hair scrunchies, became the first physical models of the hyperbolic plane." - Quote from the NPR story here.

Here's the Gallery of Crocheted Hyperbolic Models.

Neat stuff.

May 12th, 2005

bareftinthesnow @ 06:39 pm: Ah, vegan fibre art. You're so lull, and I think it's because all the picture posts are going to the larger communities, and that holds people's attention.

My gift to you:Collapse )

I figured it wasn't punk enough for punk knitters... though I can brag that it's freewheeled. I knit my socks to fit.

April 12th, 2005

vampy_chan @ 08:52 pm: New!
Hey all! I'm new here, just got an e-mail from PETA about their anti-wool campaign, and they suggested I check out this community!

To be honest I never thought to look for an online vegan fibre-arts community... but am very glad to have found one :)

It gets a little tired listening to yarn snobs yammer on about their newest creation in 'luxurious' merino wool >:p

I'm glad to meet everyone and can't wait to share stories, advice, patterns and whatnot!

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March 1st, 2005

ilythia @ 07:35 am: March is...
Happy National (U.S.) Crochet Month!

Here are some crochet links!

Vintage Creations' Groovy Crochet: Crochet patterns from the 60s and 70s! (I love this site)

Project Linus: We are a non-profit organization that makes hand-made blankets and quilts. These are then distributed to children of all ages in need. Read more about us and our mission by clicking on the links in the menu bar above.

chubby bird pattern
chicken pattern

And a billion more patterns here...

I'd love to see things you've crocheted. Why not post some pictures?

February 26th, 2005

bksbigsister @ 04:59 pm: www.chicagostitchfest.blogspot.com

October 6th, 2004

moonfroggy @ 10:48 am: socks
so it has been a really long time since i did any fiber arts, partly because i lost a small piece to my spinning wheel and partly because figure drawing has taken up most of my creative energy, but lately i have been having a strong urge to knit socks
i don't want to hand spin the yarn for them, i am feeling to lazy for it, also if i was going to hand spin the yarn it would have to be active singles so that it would be stretchy, and i would have to use really really small knitting needles because my active singles would be to thin and in the end i would never finish them
so i am thinking about buying yarn, i am not gonna be the purist i once was, the yarn doesn't need to be organic, cuz i know what organic cotton yarn is out there and it won't work for my socks
does anyone have any recommendations for bright colorers sock yarn?
also does anyone know a place with free patterns to ankle sock patterns? i know i can find both things out with google but it would be nice to see what other people have used and what others like

ilythia @ 07:44 am: cottonwood down
Here's a little article with a mention of spinning down from cottonwood trees. I can't find other information about this. Have you heard of it before?

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